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eton shirts

Pure comfort and style. One of the most easy to care for (non-iron) and comfortable shirts you’ll ever wear; The superb craftsmanship and brilliant fabrics are the hallmarks of this legendary Swedish shirtmaker.


The classic fit stays true to the traditional silhouette of fine shirting. A generous width over both the breast and the waist—coupled with double vents in the back of the shirt—creates a comfortable wearing experience that is particularly suited for those who want a little extra space in their shirt.


The Eton slim fit is designed for a modern shirt silhouette that accentuates the body of its wearer. Compared to other styles, slim fit shirts are narrower over the wearer’s chest and waist. And, by utilizing dual darts in the back of the shirt, they're able to generate an elegant drape without causing discomfort or leaving excess fabric.


The success story of Eton started in 1928 in the small village of Gånghester in Sweden. Annie & David Pettersson ran a successful sawmill until the recession forced them to start a new business. Annie started to make fine clothes for the people in the village, the company grew, focused on men’s shirts and in the 1950´s a salesman first brought the shirt collection to the United Kingdom.

The name of the company, “Skjortfabriken Special” became impossible to pronounce abroad and to adjust to the export markets the brand name Eton was chosen. The association with class and sophisticated elegance were, and still are, the ethos behind the company. But Gånghester and Grandma Annie’s philosophy to never hand over an item until you are completely satisfied never changed; it is still the foundation of the Eton philosophy. Our history is our future.


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