Duties include:
*Has good hand sewing skills
*Must be able to follow measurement specifications 
*Has an appreciation for detail 
*Must have experience 


Duties include:
*Have a strong ability to take initiative and confidently direct customer interactions
*Must have a friendly  attitude 
*Love a fast moving environment
*Have an eye for detail 
*Has the ability to determine proper sizing of merchandise 


Duties include:
*Greeting customers promptly
*Answering the phone courteously
*Completing opening and closing cash register procedures
*Ringing up sales
*Contacting customers when items are ready for pick-up

Sales Assistant

Duties include:
*Understand style and fit of various garments
*Maintain up to date on product knowledge
*Demonstrate strong proficiency in operating tailor shop equipment
*Must have experience

Master Tailor 

Email resume to : jobs@francos.com