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Measuring back of suit jacket, man in blue single-breasted suit, man in double-breasted suit

Corneliani is a brand leader in Italian artistry and craftsmanship. As the recipient of the Premio Qualità Leonardo, a highly sought-after honor conferred by the President of the Italian Republic, Corneliani is one of only a handful of Italian companies that have excelled in their technological standards and have achieved the greatest success on the international markets.


The new Corneliani FALL/WINTER Collections feature a contemporary interpretation of the brand’s most iconic pieces: the double-breasted suit, the single-breasted jacket in cashmere, the double-breasted cashmere coat, and their signature padded caban with a detachable chest piece. Infused with desaturated tones and clean contrasts, the collection conveys a clear vision of modern elegance through the distinctive balance between precise tailoring and relaxed ease.


Corneliani's Made to Measure service is the ultimate expression of customization for men who desire an authentic and supremely distinctive garment. The manufacture of a single Corneliani garment requires no less than 164 steps with approximately 540 hand-finished stitches, as well as seven different tests, which must be passed before it can officially leave the factory in Mantua and be delivered worldwide within a few weeks.