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Hickey Freeman brand leaves but the company lives on

The Hickey Freeman label has been a staple in gentlemen's wardrobes for nearly 125 years. While the licenser has decided to go with another company going forward, that won’t take the company out of Rochester, New York.

In June of 2023, the Hickey Freeman company reopened as Rochester Tailored Clothing and will continue making incredibly high-quality, made-in-America suits right on North Clinton Avenue,

Hickey Freeman is so much more than just the label. It represents the heritage, tradition, and experience that started with Hickey Freeman over the past 125 years. It’s a community the company is proud to be and stay a part of.

With the company name now known as Rochester Tailored Clothing, many of the employees who have been employed by the 125-year-old company, remain the same.  Together they look forward to their new chapter.