Trend Report: Soft Jackets for Spring 2020

Cultivate your seasonal style in a discerning Peter Millar Collection soft jacket—lightweight, partially lined silhouettes fashioned from the finest Italian cloth and featuring a tailored fit.  From Madison Avenue to Richmond, you'll find more and more men clothed in suit jackets, sport coats, and blazers that are less structured and showcase a softer shoulder. These suits have little padding in the shoulders or none, and they're being made in fabrics well-suited for warmer weather or transitional seasons.  But it's possible not to lose your composure in this arena. The soft-shouldered jacket can present a relaxed formality appropriate to most any stylish evening (or afternoon) in the city.  In fact, we're finding that the latest collections are smart enough to be worn anywhere.

It might even seem more powerful than a broad-padded power suit on account of its confident un-stuffiness. Just remember: Don't buy a jacket unless the shoulder fits well, and remember that whether the shoulder is natural or padded, it fits well when the jacket encourages and accentuates your proud posture. Watch for a smoothness across the back and ensure that your collar is flat against your shirt.

Pretty soon, we think more and more gentlemen will develop a whole new philosophy around this soft-shouldered life.