Saxx Vibe 3 Pack  | Multi-Color

Saxx Vibe 3 Pack | Multi-Color

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  • HOW IT FITS: Slim fit: super-soft, breathable, no fly.<\li>
  • MADE FOR: The guy who wants to wear a different pair every day. These best-selling boxer briefs come in a three pack, providing more style and savings.<\li>
  • BUILT IN TECH: BallPark Pouch�, Three-D Fit�, Flat Out Seams�, anti-roll waistband.<\li>
  • MADE FROM: Moisture-wicking viscose fabric (95%) and a splash of spandex (5%).<\li>
  • MEASUREMENTS: 5" inseam, 1 3/8" waistband.<\li>